Open Source Project Updates

by Eric Bloch

Another brief update on open-source goodness available from the community.

  1. Michael Blakeley wrote up a brief description and some instructions for a new toolkit he's actively working for storing and retrieving semantic content in MarkLogic.
  2. Donald Anderson has provided some great docs, an example, and the source for his Pomegranate configuration management tool.
  3. Blakeley's also continued to make updates to CQ and RecordLoader.  Latest are out on github.

I also recently created a new email list for tracking commits on our open source projects ; a number of our more active projects (cq, xqsync, atompub, semantic, rundmc) have their commits sent there.  The name of the list is (big surprise):

          commits AT DMC

You can follow them via the MarkMail atom feed for the list