Academic License Now Available!

by Eric Bloch

MarkLogic has long been a friend of the academic community and for some time we've provided licenses to Academics who've asked. Now, it's easier for students and educators who join our Community to grab the awesome that is MarkLogic.

Now, with MarkLogic 5, if you are a student or faculty member, just download MarkLogic Server and request a free Academic license directly from within MarkLogic's web admin UI.  This license comes with virtually all of the features available in our Enterprise edition, including geospatial indexing and search, alerting, conversion, clustering, replication, and failover.  There are no content limits as well.  You can build as big a cluster as you need, and then load and analyze all your data. It's time to

Think Big!


Photo licensed for reuse via Creative Commons License from Michael "Mike" L. Baird, mike {at} mikebaird d o t com, .