Balisage 2010: Winners!

by Eric Bloch

Contest Winner

The MarkLogic developer community is proud to announce Erik Hennum as the author of the winning entry of our Balisage 2010 "Tower of Babel" Contest.  Erik's entry stood out for it's detailed understanding of the current state of the art as well as its real and actionable proposal for wiki interchange using XHTML dialect declarations.  We've published his entry here and encourage those of you interested in the issue to take the time to read through it. I guarantee you'll learn a few things.


On Wednesday evening of the conference, we were also witness to another entertaining and mind-expanding DemoJam.  The entries in this Jam included:

Participant Demo
Colleen Whitney MarkLogic Information Studio
Vojtěch Toman XProc DITA Pipelines
Hugh Cayless SoSOL: The Son of Suda Online
Benjamin Bock Maiana
Pierre-Édouard Portier DINAH, a philological platform for the creation of multi-structural documents
Wendell Piez Generalized Overlap on an XML Platform
Andrew Spyker Native XML processing across hybrid runtimes of DB2 and WebSphere Application Server
Vyacheslav Zholudev TNTBase: Versioned XML Database
Cyril Briquet Retroconversion platform of FEW dictionary

This jam's winning demo was Wendell Piez's, "Generalized Overlap on an XML Platform", which received the most applause and allowed Wendell to claim an iPad.

Student Awards

And while we're naming winners, I'd also like to mention the Balisage 2010 Conference Student Award winners:

First Place:
  Stefanie Haupt, Bielefeld University

Second Place:
   Gioele Barabucci, University of Bologna

Third Place:
    Lena Wienecke Andersen, University of Copenhagen
    Kevin Caliendo, Loyola University Chicago,
    Andrew Dombrowski, University of Chicago
    Michael Greenlee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Ken Herdy, Simon Fraser University,
    Deborah Maron,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Mohamadou Nassourou, University of Würzburg
    Sven Windisch, University of Leipzig
    Vyacheslav Zholudev, Jacobs University Bremen

It was a great conference, all and all.  I felt like a winner myself, honestly, just being lucky enough to attend and contribute to this geeky gathering.  For those who coudn't make it, the conference and symposium proceedings are available online.  And a hearty thanks is due to Tommie Usdin, Debbie Lapeyre, and crew for making it all happen!