Semantic Awesome-sauce, Operational Goodcakes, Cars, Blogs, and More!

by Eric Bloch

It's high time for another Community Update post. There's been lots going on, never mind this thing called MarkLogic World last month, that created some distraction for us. (And the longer it takes me to get this post out, the longer the list keeps getting!)

No Foolin', April Was Fun!

Before I get to the update, I have to reminisce a bit about MarkLogic World.

By employing advanced ethographic techniques (OK, mostly I just listened to people), I've come to the scientific conclusion that the geeks in attendance were most interested in the sneak peeks of the Semantic Awesome-sauce and Operational Goodcakes(DMC TM) coming in MarkLogic 7.

If you were there and need a refresher or if you couldn't make it, you can find a recordings and slides here. You might also find Micah Dubinko's blog post on the Semantics demo interesting as well.

As the curator of the Lightning Talk room, I also can't keep from bragging that I got to plan our snacks:

donuts and bacon

There were some diversions as well that including poking fun at our competition: the outmoded, boxy red one and the green build-it-yourself, falls-off-the-track kit-car. The odds-on money in Vegas was on car #7 :)



OK, back on point. Since our last update, we got

New Meetups

  • The innaugural Los Angeles XML Meetup was held earlier this month. The next meeting is in the planning stages and will be hosted by the kind folks at Warner Brothers. 
  • The launch date for the Benelux MarkLogic User Group has been set to Tuesday, June 25th at 6PM.


  • Nick Raphael and I are looking to organize the next Boston area meetup. If you're interested, give me a holler.
  • Mike Fagan is stepping down as the Denver area group leader.  If you're interested in stepping up, let us know.  

Blogs Rolling On

Project Updates

  • David Lee released the first version of his mongo2marklogic converter. He has also made several updates to his xmlsh tool.
  • Adam Fowler has made several updates to the MarkLogic JavaScript library and UI widgets. He's also released an early version of a DotNet client as well.
  • Michael Blakeley has made updates to his Rebalancer.
  • Rob Whitby has been rewriting xray to use annotations.
  • Mike Wooldridge gave a talk (slides) and made a few updates to MLPHP.
  • Roxy now plays nicely with the MarkLogic REST API and Roxy 1.3 has been promoted to master.

Also, worth noting, MarkLogic has shipped a few service releases.  Latest is 6.0-3, available here. (If you are on MarkLogic support, the bug fix list is available at )

As always, I'm far from perfect - please let me know if there's a project or blog post or something else of community interest that I've missed!