11/1/11 means MarkLogic 5 and Express!

by Eric Bloch

MarkLogic, at the Fore. And now, Five!

Oh yes, it's a lot more than just "one more".

With advances in transactions, real-time search, ease of deployment, connectivity to Hadoop, and plenty of additional features, MarkLogic 5 pushes further ahead of the pack.

Big Data. Yes, we actually do it.

As the developer community guy here, I tend to stay away from hype. I prefer "just the facts, Ma'am" information. Yet, sometimes, I do forget how amazingly cool our product is.  If you listen to the blog-o-sphere or the twitterati, you've heard the Big Data buzz. There are a lot of folks using this meme to promote their technology. At MarkLogic, we know the reality is that the World's Biggest Unstructured Databases Run On MarkLogic. Our customers use MarkLogic to store and analyze big data. And not just any data.  In our customers' worlds, data is money, content is king, and intelligence is where it's at. Our customers (yes, customers) trust MarkLogic to store their valuable data with safe, transactional access, mind-blowingly fast query speeds, and full-text search that just can't be done with other databases.

And now you can too!

You can see the short list of new features in MarkLogic 5. But if you're really interested, I'd recommend you check out the full list from our awesome docs folks in their geeky Release Notes (yes, a must read).

And in case you haven't yet heard, there's an additional change we're making with MarkLogic 5. You'll want to check out the deets on the new MarkLogic Express license. This is a free license for developers. The power is in your hands.


MarkLogic 5

Quiet October? Not Really.

Those who are paying attention might have noticed this blog went quiet in the month of October. It's not that we forgot how to write. Really, we still know how. Rather, we've been preoccupied, preparing materials and changes that you can now see (If you're reading this in an RSS reader, do come check it out directly at our site.) In particular, we're letting out

  • Some new tutorial and screencast content, including the first of some interactive tutorials
  • Corona - An open-source, RESTful API for connecting to MarkLogic, that enables simple management and search of both XML and JSON. It is designed for developers who don't already know MarkLogic and want to get going quickly.

Look for more tutorials, samples, and tools to roll out in the coming weeks.  Woohoo!