Introducing Comoms - Open source CMS toolkit for MarkLogic Server

by Eric Bloch

Since working on RunDMC, the web publishing application that runs this site, I've been itching to spend time on the management side of Web CMS.  Recently, I had an opportunity to begin work on an open-source project to do just that. 

You can see a clip below of the project's 0.1 milestone.  (For best viewing, I recommend you hit the full-screen button in the lower right-hand corner of the video player):

This milestone comes from the efforts of several MarkLogic folks (including JD Vogt, our User Experience Director) and some of our partners from Avalon Consulting, LLC.  We set out to design a web CMS for "site-generated" content (like RunDMC) as well as "user-generated" content and items "in between" these that are curated to some degree.  We're focusing on web-based content for now and we're actively blurring the lines between a traditional Web CMS and a Wiki.

Our initial goals include:

  • To produce useful tools and libraries that can serve as the core of a full Web CMS, built with XQuery and Javascript
  • To enable "not-just-another-CMS", taking advantage of MarkLogic-specific capabilities
  • To avoid rigid schemas – content can be polymorphic and based on prototypes
  • To promote and provide inline (WYSIWYG) content editing
  • To provide search that is configurable, extensible, tunable, turn-key, and aware of a content-type dictionary

This project (COntent Management on MarkLogic Server aka CoMoms) is now available for folks to look at on Github.

This is a very early milestone and nothing is baked-in-stone yet (read: not stable, things will change).  There is some working code (as Mike says, "some good nuggets") espcially around our use of MarkLogic Library Services API and a working sample deployment (recipes) to get a sense of what we're building.  0.1 includes:

  • Flexible content type modeling – no management interface yet, hand-edited XML content-type dictionary
  • Inline/WYSIWYG content editing/creation via HTML5
  • Single database, multi-version publishing via MarkLogic's Library Services API
  • Pervasive security (because content is managed using DLS)
  • Extensible authentication interface – including an initial implementation using OAuth2 (pointed at Facebook)
  • OOTB search and faceting
  • A reference deployment (using wikipedia cookbook recipe data)

Feel free to give us a holler if you're interested in finding out more about this project.


  • Great work. I was searching for similar solution. Looking forward to try out more stable version
  • Nice work!