The BBC, MarkLogic, and Olympics 2012

by Pete Aven

Best viewed full screen in HD

MarkLogic Server in Action

Above is a demonstration of how MarkLogic is being used at the BBC as one of the innovative technologies and major components helping to drive the delivery of the BBC online Olympics experience.

Why MarkLogic?  Well, an awesome write up of the details and progression of the BBC infrastructure that the BBC Future Media Team is implementing can be found here.

In a nutshell, for the BBC to accompish their goals and meet their requirements to handle the scale of data they wanted to manage, along with the speed of how fast they wanted to be able to ingest that data, coupled with the variety of data they anticipated, a relational system just would not work.

How does MarkLogic help?  A great post on journalism helps answer that question.

And what type of volume are we talking about on the BBC site?  Check out these BBC Blog posts on their Record Breaking Start and the Week One Numbers.

Watching the Olympics on the BBC site and interacting with the content has been an awesome experience for me.  The BBC tries to be everywhere at the Olympics and I think they do a great job, so Thanks BBC Team!

On a somewhat less BBC-related note, this morning I found these New York Times Olympics visualizations that are just excellent!

Between the visualizations and my BBC viewing experience, now all I want to do is get my hands on some Olympics data and see what I can do with it in MarkLogic!