MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint version 1.1-1 released

by Dipti Borkar

I am pleased to announce the availability of MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint® version 1.1-1 with support for Microsoft SharePoint® 2010.

As customers begin to migrate to Microsoft SharePoint ® 2010, the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint® provides an out of the box integration between MarkLogic Server and SharePoint® 2010. The Connector for SharePoint® can be used for the following tasks

• Library Mirroring
• Workflow Actions
• Create Applications Using the Content in MarkLogic Server
• Use SharePoint Library Services to Maintain MarkLogic Server Content

The latest version of the connector can be downloaded here along with the Administrator's Guide.


  • The skills of a SharePoint expert are very important if you would like to have success in employing SharePoint as your business model.