By the way, MLCP just got better

by Dave Cassel

MarkLogic 8 came out recently and it has an amazing set of new features. With all the big new things, MarkLogic Content Pump (MLCP) got some improvements that you might have missed.

Alternate Database

With MLCP 1.3-1, you can now specify the database that you want to interact with. In the past, if you didn't already have an XDBC app server pointing to your target database, you'd have to set one up so that MLCP could run import, export, or copy operations there. Not any more -- now with the "-database" option, you can specify which database you want to work with.

Even better, with the Enhanced HTTP Server on port 8000, you don't even need to set up an XDBC app server. Out of the box, I can do this:

$ export -host localhost -port 8000 -username admin -password admin -database Documents -output_file_path docs
$ export -host localhost -port 8000 -username admin -password admin -database Modules -output_file_path modules

More Data Types

The updated MLCP also helps you with new data types.

MLCP just got that much more helpful!