Announcing the MLUC11 Conference App

by Eric Bloch

We just turned the MLUC11 Conference Application at live.

This is a web application supported on

  • Common-use desktop/laptop browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Android phones, Android tablets

(Sorry, blackberry and Windows phone users).

The app's main functionality includes:

  • Browsing, searching, and "favorite-ing" of conference sessions
  • See your own favorite list (requires a facebook account)
  • See folks attending sessions
  • List of conference speakers and sponsors
  • Session surveys
  • Twitter feed based on a search of 'marklogic OR mluc11'

The application is built on MarkLogic Server 4.2 and uses MLJSON - a JSON Facade on top of MarkLogic for all interaction with MarkLogic Server, including search of JSON data.

Thanks go out to our good friend, Ryan Grimm, for his work putting together our app and the MLJSON library. And some props go out to JD Vogt who helped with interaction and UI design and provided fodder from the mluc10 iPhone app. For those interested in details, the original source files for the application itself as well as MLJSON are available on github. And, Ryan and I will be speaking on MLJSON and our travails in building the mobile-friendly web app in the developer lounge on Thursday afternoon of the conference.