Five great reasons for developers to attend MarkLogic World in May

by Dave Cassel

Every year we work to fill MarkLogic World with content that will make our customers and partners more successful. The 2016 event is shaping up to be great for developers and architects working with MarkLogic. We're lining up great technical content for MarkLogic 2016!

Hands-on Workshops

Continuing what we started last year, you'll have the opportunity to explore MarkLogic functionality hands-on, guided by MarkLogic experts. This year, we have three sessions lined up for Monday, May 9th: Data Modeling, Geospatial, and Semantics. Attendees at these sessions come away with a better understanding of the topic area, working code, and experience implementing some aspect of MarkLogic through guided exercises.

Technical sessions

No conference is complete without great sessions. We're still building out the agenda, but you'll see how to load, model, secure, and search your data while getting the best performance. The deep technical sessions will cover current functionality and give you a sneak peak into what's coming down the road. You'll hear about it from the people who built these features and from people who use them.

Meet the Engineers and Product Managers

Speaking of the people who built those great features, MarkLogic World is attended by members of our Engineering, QA, and Product Management teams. Come meet the people who build MarkLogic, set up 1-on-1 appointments with our experts, and bring your questions!

MarkLogic University classes

For a more formal learning approach, MarkLogic University will be on hand Thursday, May 12th. Learn about MarkLogic Fundamentals, or get cross-trained (learn about the Java or Node.js Client API, building on what you already know about MarkLogic). With these classes, you'll be a step closer to certification!


Lastly, but definitely not least, come be a part of our community. You've met people on Stack Overflow and our email lists; it's time to get to know them in person!

I'll be there and I look forward to seeing you!