MarkLogic World 2012 Conference iOS App

by Eric Bloch

A few folks tweeted about the app when it hit the store, but in case you didn't know, the app is available. You can find it in the App Store by searching for marklogic (or bigdata). You can use this link to launch the App Store if you happen to be reading this email on an iPhone/iPad.



The app's features include

  • Device-aware presentation of conference agenda
  • Personal highlighting of interesting sessions
  • Filtering of agenda based on keyword, speaker, or track
  • Feedback capture (survey) for individual sessions
  • Tweet search (on mlw12 or marklogic)
  • List of conference sponsors.

Under the hood:


Q: What about Android and other mobile phones?

A: Sorry, not this year. (We did provide a mobile-web based app that ran on iOS/Android and desktop browsers last year and time allowing, we may bring that app forward for android users and other users. This year we focused on building a native app).

Below is a screenshot of the iPad version.