MarkLogic World is Next Week! Check out the Lightning Talk Room

by Eric Bloch

BaconWe've been busy organizing festivities for MarkLogic World next week in Las Vegas.  There's all sorts of lightning talk goodness headed your way as you can see below. And, we have some tasty treats planned as well (can you smell them?)

You can find the full schedule and stay up to date with our mobile (web) app. You can bookmark it at (built on MarkLogic, with code at GitHub).


  • Client Connectors via the REST API - Tuesday 1:30 
    • Chris Cieslinski - Experiences with Node.JS and the MarkLogic REST API 
    • Adam Fowler - A Node.JS connector for MarkLogic
    • Mike Wooldridge -  Easy MarkLogic Applications with PHP
  • Showing off your data  - Tuesday 2:30 
    • David Lee - Advanced JSON Transformations
    • David Lee - Getting data from MarkLogic into Excel
    • Scott Brooks - Using HighCharts and MarkLogic
  • Semantics - Tues 3:50PM 
    • Micah Dubinko - Building Semantic Applications 
    • John Snelson - Introduction to SPARQL in MarkLogic
    • John Snelson - Inside the RDF Triple Index


  • XQuery Hour - Wed 10:30 
    • Jason Hunter - XQuery Gotchas 
    • John Snelson - Modelling Application Data in XQuery 

  • Search with MarkLogic - Wed 1PM
    • Andrew  Wanczowski - An Introduction to Search Visualization Using NYC Open Data
    • Beverly Jamison - Correct and Consumable Answers to Complex Questions 
    • William Thompson - Search Intelligence and MarkLogic Search API 
  • Operational Infrastructure - Wed 2PM 
    • Aaron Rosenbaum - Storage for MarkLogic 101
    • Aaron Rosenbaum - Running MarkLogic on VMWare
    • Haitao Wu - Rebalancing Clusters
  • Operational Tools - Wed 3:10PM 
    • Clark Richey - Point in time recovery
    • Norm Walsh - Config Management Update
    • Geert Josten - Automate Your Deployments


  • Practical Advice from MarkLogic Developers - Thurs 8:30AM 

    • Damon Feldman - MarkLogic in Message-oriented and Service-oriented Architectures
    • David Erickson  - Rapid Prototyping Patterns with MarkLogic Server
    • James Clippinger - Data Provenance in MarkLogic

  • Inside MarkLogic: Search - Thurs 9:30AM 
    • Mary Holstege - Field and Path indexing in MarkLogic: your path to Big Data Search
    • Fei Xue - Understanding and Optimizing Search Queries in MarkLogic
    • Mary Holstege - Customizing Tokenization