Ryan Dew Wins 2013 MVC Award!

by Eric Bloch

MarkLogic bestows the MVC (Most Valuable Coder) Award on the member of our community who, in the past year, has most helped promote our community. This person

  • Uses their experience to help guide others. 
  • Provides honest feedback to MarkLogic. 
  • Embodies our culture of accuracy, performance, and competitiveness. 
  • Shares working code 

We announced at MarkLogic World last week, that this year's winner is Ryan Dew! Ryan makes his thoughts known over on at Max Dew Point where he has thoughtfully and frequently posted up tips and code snippets throughout the past year. As you can see below, we've inscribed his name on the official "Hard Core Angle Brackets" trophy here in San Carlos, under the previous years' recipients, Rob Whitby and Geert Josten.

hardcore angle brackets inscription