XQuery Syntax Highlighting Takedowns!

by Eric Bloch



If you've been following this blog, you know we ran a contest in September to encourage folks to produce some of the missing support for XQuery syntax-highlighting in a variety of tools. I'm pleased to announce that the following efforts have resulted in takedowns!


Name Takedown Bounty

Github is lacking support for XQuery.  They use Pygments (a python framework for syntax highlighting) and need a Pygments Lexer. See this brief note.

Though this creature was quite wily, Steve Spigarelli did eventually pin it  down. Steve's lexer is working reasonably well and he's already submitted up a pull request to the Pygments main fork.

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Codemirror is a javascript library that provides in-browser syntax highlighting.  It is missing support for XQuery.

Mike Brevoort not only implemented a great library, which you can demo here, but he also got his patch accepted back into the main fork of CodeMirror.

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Google Code

Google Code uses google-code-prettify and it is missing support for XQuery.  A first step here would be to provide a patch that supports these.  Bonus points would be to get the project to take in the patch.

Patrick Wied provided an entry here that does the job, given the limitations (lack of context-dependent lexing) that is inherent in this tool.

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Popular open-source Javascript syntax highlighter.

Rob Whitby entered his venerable XQuery brush and has claimed this bounty.  It's working decently as it always has.  Alex Gorbachev has "put it in the queue" for integration. 

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Well, that's the details.  It's likely we'll run another bounty hunting contest in the coming months.  If you have thoughts on projects like this one that would benefit our community, give me a holler.  I'm off to go ship some iPads and a Safari subscription to the folks who helped us out here


  • Thanks for offering the incentives to improve the state of affairs of XQuery on the web!