Coding with the MarkMail Masters

by Ian Small

Categories: Applications
Altitude: 10,000 feet

You may have noticed our upcoming event "Code with the XQuery Experts", scheduled November 30 at our offices in San Carlos (no, not London). This is a day-long limited attendance code-a-thon, during which you can get some tips and tricks to hone your XQuery skills, get some help solving your coding connundrums, and - perhaps - get yourself an iPhone if you've got the best XQuery app being shown that day.

The whole idea is simple: you bring your apps and we'll help you make progress on them. At the same time, we'll show you how we built some of our best apps, which is a great way to accelerate your learning curve.

But here's the kicker. Your hosts for the day are Jason Hunter and Ryan Grimm, co-creators of MarkMail, and a pair of entertaining fellow to boot. So when it comes down to the part where we show you how we built some of our best apps, perhaps it might not be so unreasonable to expect that they might use the app they're currently most familiar with: MarkMail.

So if you're interested in knowing what makes MarkMail tick, in understanding what kind of design decisions were made early in its development, in seeing how its underlying XML data model enables its user experience - well, then, perhaps a day to "Code with the MarkMail Masters" might be in your future.

Register here. And see you on the 30th.