MarkLogic Server and Microsoft Office 2007

by Ian Small

Categories: Office 2007
Altitude: 10,000 feet

Those of you who attended our May 2007 User Conference (and who stayed through to the gruesome conclusion) may recall my presentation about Microsoft Office 2007.

Obviously, we're in the business of creating the world's leading (fastest, most powerful, meanest - insert your own flattering adjective here) XML Content Server, so it's easy to get pretty excited about Office 2007. It's not everyday that the world's leading software manufacturer turns the native file format for the world's leading office productivity software into XML.

Without a doubt, more XML is good for us. And more XML is good for you, too, especially if you're already a user of MarkLogic Server. Because XML means that you can get inside your documents and unlock the content within them.

In May, I provided a basic overview of things you should know about Office 2007. And I showed some basic demos.

Since then, we've been deepening our understanding about Office 2007, and continuing to get our hands dirty. As a by-product of that effort, I've asked Pete Aven, one of the engineers on our server team, to write a short series about MarkLogic Server, XQuery, and Office 2007. Being an obliging sort of fellow, he's obliged me, and starting next week, you will see him guest-blogging in my column.

Pete's not lacking for ambition, so he's going to try to blog weekly for about six or so weeks - all on the subject of Office 2007. He's intending to cover a fairly wide range of topics, including both Word and Excel formats. He's going to provide a whole bunch of sample code, so if you're armed with MarkLogic Server, CQ, and (naturally) Microsoft Office 2007, you should be able to follow along.

I think you'll find Pete both enthusiastic and lucid on the subject of Office 2007 and its underlying XML formats. And I hope you'll find his musings, demonstrations and sample code useful.