XML Lists Now In MarkMail!

by Ian Small

Categories: MarkMail
Altitude: 10,000 feet

As you might expect, in the days since launch, we've been starting to expand MarkMail's content footprint.

As you may recall, MarkMail launched with an archive of all of the Apache mailing lists, and since launch, the archive has organically grown by about 50,000 messages - purely based on the rate of arrival of Apache-related messages!

But while the Apache open source community is a great place to start, it's not where we intend to end. Since launch, and in preparation for next week's XML 2007 conference, we've added a set of XML and XQuery-related mailing lists. These include:

In total, these lists bring about 200,000 additional messages into the archive, bringing us to a little under 4.5M messages hosted. Happy MarkMailing!

Don't Miss the Show at XML 2007!

If you're a fan of MarkLogic Server, or a fan of XML in general (which would seem likely if you're reading this blog), then in all likelihood you'll be at XML 2007 next week.

We'll be there in force as well:

  • Jason Hunter, one of the co-creators of MarkMail, is giving the closing keynote on Wednesday, titled "You're Darn Right XML Has a Future on the Web". He'll be using MarkMail and other content applications to demonstrate that not only is XML alive and well on the web, it's growing.
  • Matt Turner, who writes the Discovering XQuery blog, will be talking about Microsoft's Office 2007 XML format, in a session titled "First Encounters with Office Open XML", chaired by Really Strategies' Lisa Bos.
  • And, of course, we'll be exhibiting at the conference. Look for MarkLogic in Booth #1 on the show floor! (Because, naturally, we're number one!)

The scheduling for XML 2007 is tough, coming opposite London Online, but if you're going to the show, these sessions will help make it worthwhile for you.