slideTunes is iTunes for PowerPoint presentations

by Pete Aven

An example of an application you can build using the MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint

Categories: Office 2007
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Twice a year all the MarkLogicians get together and participate in a Demo Jam! organized by our own Matt Turner. During the jam we're all encouraged to share applications we've built and we have to demo it in under 3 minutes. We get to compete for bragging rights with our colleagues and we get to see a lot of super cool applications.

Sharing our applications in this way helps us to brainstorm all sorts of new and innovative ways of using MarkLogic Server. Here on the developer site we have tutorials and code samples, but we thought it would be great to share some of the Demo Jam love with you in in the form of some screencasts.

Today's demo features an application built using the MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint that enables users to search and reuse existing slides in new presentations.

The demo is best viewed full screen and in HD.

MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint

If you're interested in building your own slideTunes, take a look at the XQuery API that comes with the Toolkit. There are only 5 functions, but they do a lot of heavy lifting for you. The Toolkit also comes with API documentation that details how to merge existing decks as well as how to create new presentations from existing slides using the ppt:insert-slide() function.

Until next time, Cheers!

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