Brief Self-Promotion and Coming Updates to DMC

by Eric Bloch

Hey folks, just a quick post here to let you know I've recently taken on the role of Director, Community here at MarkLogic. I'm now responsible for advocating for our developer community (read: you!) and fostering our developer ecosystem. I will also be working closely with the existing MarkLogic crew here who help organize Mark Logic User Groups and Community Events.

As a part of my work, I now run DMC (newly minted-term [and clever] for, the site that hosts the MarkLogic developer network and this blog) and I'll be promoting and providing assistance to the open-source projects associated with DMC. In the immediate term, a good part of my efforts are going to a face-lift and series of updates to DMC. If you have suggestions or want to offer support, please drop me a line. As you might now suspect, this will be the last blog update to the current incantation of our site. I will do my best to keep you in the loop (via the MarkLogic developer mailing list) on the plans and the schedule for updates.

I'm looking forward to finding and providing the best ways for us to find, share, and communicate information about MarkLogic development and make it easier and more fun for us to share and collaborate in our work.