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Stay On Top Of Everything MarkLogic

Be the first to know! News, product information, and events delivered straight to your inbox.

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Stay On Top Of Everything MarkLogic

Be the first to know! News, product information, and events delivered straight to your inbox.

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We Got Six

by Eric Bloch

Today, we at MarkLogic are very proud to release MarkLogic 6.  It's more powerful, more accessible, and trusted as ever.   Below are some highlights 

New APIs!

We've created entire new REST and Java APIs to make the awesome that is MarkLogic available to vast new communities of software developers. These APIs enable developers familiar with Java or REST APIs to get going quickly, yet they are also full-featured.  Their rich functionality enables developers to build complete database and search applications.

Beyond the product documentation (guides and references) as well as new tutorials we've provided to get folks going, there is also a sample application built entirely via the MarkLogic Java API here

Now with JSON

Along with these new APIs, you'll also find support for JSON.  The "data format of the web" is now easily stored, searched, queried, transformed, and analyzed directly in MarkLogic.

In-Database Analytic Functions and MapReduce  

Performance is a constant focus here and this feature is all about that.  MarkLogic 6 comes with a large set of analytic functions built on top of our internal mechanism for distributed processing (aka MapReduce) to provide high-performance calculations. Beyond these tools, for developers who need to push the envelope, we are also exposing the APIs as well as plugin interfaces to the MapReduce mechanism inside MarkLogic. Seriously. You can provide your own C/C++ functions for computing custom analytics that MarkLogic will run "close to your data".    

BI Tools Inteface

You can hook up IBM Cognos or Tableau to MarkLogic via a live connection for real-time reporting and analytic investigations. That in itself is cool. But the mechanism we're providing for this is... an ODBC driver. For now, the driver is only supported for use with Cognos and Tableau, but you can imagine what we're thinking here with this awesome first step. Yep, a SQL interface to a NoSQL database. Interesting.

UI Widgets

The MarkLogic Visualization Widgets are a set of open-source-licensed HTML5 widgets for charts, graphs and maps that provide out-of-the box user interface connectivity to MarkLogic. We provide the widgets, of course, but we've also added them into Application Builder, so that you can, with a few quick keystrokes and clicks, build an advanced search application with these visualization tools.

Content Pump

With this new command-line tool, it's a snap to load content from an OS filesystem or Hadoops HDFS to MarkLogic.  You can also just as easily export from MarkLogic to a filesystem or HDFS.  The tool also introduces a new platform-independent MarkLogic database archive format.


What about the docs?  Every developer knows how important good documenation is.

Since I took over the helm of in 2010, there are two things I've wanted to improve in this area. One is to make it easier for folks to contribute - and the other is to improve site search. Both of these are still works in progress, but as we launch MarkLogic 6, we've made real advances in these areas. In particular, we've integrated documentation browsing and search directly into the MarkLogic application that runs our site, enabling Disqus comments directly in our reference pages. We now have excellent URLs for our docs, a reasonable HTML representation of our content, and integrated search and faceting. The feature list for the integrated site includes:

  • Product documentation is integrated seamlessly in the developer site.  This includes MarkLogic 6 docs (as well as older versions for customers who've not yet upgraded)
  • All the content is searchable via MarkLogic search (including search suggestions, facets and snippeted results)
  • We have an interactive, filtering table-of-contents for our docs.
  • The docs have "Smart" URLs for references, guides, and chapters. For example, the URL for a function is based on name of function (e.g. is page for function named 'fn:doc')
  • All reference pages are comment enabled for user interaction. Each reference page has a (moderated) Disqus comment area at the bottom - comments are stored at Disqus as well as in MarkLogic!
  • We continue to offer printable versions and PDFs as well the online interactive version.
  • And, of course, all of this is running on MarkLogic. (transform, data, search)


There are a bunch of other super cool features including new Path indexes, additions to the XQuery search API, and more (see the full list of new features).  Also, if you're an old pro, please check out the release notes for changes - there are a couple incompatibilities 6 has with previous releases. 

We're very happy to release all of this goodness to you.  We got six and we hope you enjoy it.  

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  • Not sure precisely what you are looking for here, but please see this video for a demo. For docs and details see integration with Tableau and for Cognos see and for UI widgets see
  • Hello, where can I find docs on the new Data visualization and Data analytics capabilities offered with ML6