DemoJam! at XML Prague 2012

by Jim Fuller

For the third year in a row, MarkLogic is excited to be sponsoring XML Prague 2012, which will take place Feb 10-12, 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic. The themes this year are focused on:

  • Is it a time to refactor XML? - MicroXML, XML5 and other approaches
  • Semantics on the Web - Is there still a place for XML in a minefield full of microformats, microdata and RDFa?
  • Converge or convert? - HTML5 vs. XHTML, JSON vs. XML, RDFa vs. microdata
  • Managing, processing and analyzing "Big XML data"
  • Syntax and power upgraded - new possibilities of XPath/XQuery/XSLT 3.0
  • Current advances in XML

A few MarkLogic people will be participating, including:

  • Norm Walsh (@ndw), who is teaming up with Robin Berjon to discuss "XML and HTML Cross-Pollination: A Bridge Too Far?"
  • Norm Walsh is also giving a presentation on "Corona: Managing and querying XML and JSON via REST"
  • Evan Lenz will be speaking about "Implementing an XQuery/XSLT hybrid"
  • John Snelson (@jpcs), who is giving a session on "Transform.XQ: A Transformation Library for XQuery 3.0"

Compete to win an iPad 2

On the Saturday evening at the conference dinner (20:30, Feb 11th) we invite everyone to the MarkLogic DemoJam, located at the Velka Klasterni Restaurace.


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Demos must be of a technical nature, may be on any topic likely to be of interest to the attendees at XML Prague, and are the responsibility of the presenter. The demo length is strictly limited to 5 minutes. We will limit the jam to the first 10 demos that arrive—first-come, first-serve. Please contact Norm Walsh to get on the DemoJam list. MarkLogic will supply a computer and a USB port for use by presenters. Presenters are also welcome to use their own laptops for the demos. (Be advised that the restaurant does not have Internet access.) Judges will determine the winners through audience vote. The winner will go home with an iPad 2.

dining room

You can follow the conference @xmlprague or its hashtag #xmlprague.

For more information about registering for XML Prague or following the live video feed, see the XML Prague website.