DemoJam winners at XML Prague 2012

by Evan Lenz

Congratulations to the winners of the DemoJam at XML Prague 2012! Robbert Broersma and Gerrit Imsieke tied for first place and each walked away with an iPad 2 (well, we had to mail the iPads to them, since a bunch of our stuff—including prizes—got stuck in Czech customs). Robbert's presentation, "XSLT for hipsters," included a 3D interactive animation powered by his own JavaScript-based implementation of XSLT 2.0 in the browser. And Gerrit presented floodit.xsl, a browser-based game which he implemented using XSLT 2.0 and Saxon-CE. You can play it for yourself online. I for one was quite pleased to see all the activity around XSLT 2.0 in the browser.

Here's an alphabetical list of all ten of our DemoJam competitors:



Oliver Becker XML Templating Engine
George Christian Bina Remote Debugging XQuery on MarkLogic Server
Robbert Broersma (winner) XSLT for hipsters
Loren Cahlander Dynamic Content Management System based off of XML Schemas and XForms
Philip Fearon Virtual Formatting
Ron Hitchens An XQuery plugin for IntelliJ
Gerrit Imsieke (winner) floodit.xsl
Geert Josten Mark my Tweet
Jakub Maly eXolutio: schema modeling
Wolfgang Meier An extensible wiki engine entirely implemented in XQuery

Thanks to everyone for participating! It was a very enjoyable evening. I leave you now with a snapshot of the "XML Dance," an exuberant performance brought to us by the makers of oXygen:

The XML Dance

Image credit: Thomas White


  • Check also the corrected (well-formed) versions: (also caught by Thomas White)