A Checklist for Optimizing Query Performance

by Paxton Hare
Paxton Hare presents a simple checklist to follow for optimizing XQuery performance

Deploying a Marklogic Cluster using Kubernetes and NGINX

by Bill Miller
This blog takes a look at creating a 3-Node MarkLogic cluster that is externally accessible using Kubernetes and NGINX

Creating an MLCP Docker container with pre-loaded data

by Bill Miller
This article will show how to create a Docker container with MLCP installed and some pre-loaded data

Automating MarkLogic Docker Installs

by Alan Johnson and Tamas Piros
MarkLogic requires initialization and some steps to join hosts to a cluster. We can automate these steps in the Docker scripts using the MarkLogic Management API.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

by Scott Parnell
Optimizing search performance with the help of xdmp:plan