Balisage: The Markup Conference 2016

by Jim Fuller
Balisage: where serious markup practitioners and theoreticians meet every August. If you are a markup geek and happy to be one, Balisage is the place for you. If you are NOT a markup geek but find it instructive to spend time with them now and then, you will enjoy Balisage.

Unthink: Starting to move beyond the constraints of relational databases

by Tom McGrath
Leverage the Samplestack Discovery App Github to quickly expose data in MarkLogic

How to prepare your security model for Brexit

by Caio Milani
How to prepare your security model for Brexit

Exercising Privilege to Restrict Content

by Kasey Alderete
Developers should consider using privileges to provide access instead of MarkLogic’s out of the box roles, which may unwittingly expose restricted content to end-users. Samplestack encountered this scenario and illustrates the design pattern to use the rest-reader privilege instead of the rest-reader role for its application-specific security model.

Securing a REST API

by Tamas Piros
Secure your three-tier applications using JSON Web Tokens