Making New Connections with MarkLogic Semantics

by Mike Wooldridge
Semantics offers a new way of representing data, as subject-predicate-object triples

Say hello to the Slush generator

by Jen Breese-Kauth
The slush-marklogic-node generator creates a project for you, using MarkLogic, Node, Express, and AngularJS.

The Technical Keys to Bitemporal

by Mike Wooldridge
Bitemporal tracks database documents along two time axes simultaneously. It tells you both what you knew and when you knew it. You can use it to create a historical record in the case of an audit or to perform analytics after the fact.

Ingesting Delimited Text with MLCP

by Matt Sun
The delimited text standard has rules about using an encapsulator in a field value. Let's look at what the problem is, how you might see it while using MLCP, and what to do about it.

The Secrets to Wildcard Search in MarkLogic

by Mike Wooldridge
Wildcards are special characters that enable you to efficiently search on similarly spelled words. MarkLogic supports wildcard search with special indexes, including lexicons.

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