MarkLogic Node.js API -- Working with Binary Documents

by Tamas Piros
In this article we are going to explore the possibilities that Node.js developers have when it comes to managing and working with binary documents in a MarkLogic database.

Storing document change as metadata

by Paul Hoehne
How to use triples to store metadata about differences between documents

Walking Among the JSON Trees

by Paxton Hare
How to walk a JSON tree from XQuery

Building an Application in about an hour

by Paxton Hare
A live coding session to build a search application in about an hour.

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2016

by Jim Fuller
Balisage: where serious markup practitioners and theoreticians meet every August. If you are a markup geek and happy to be one, Balisage is the place for you. If you are NOT a markup geek but find it instructive to spend time with them now and then, you will enjoy Balisage.