Exciting Times in MarkLogic Geospatial

by Jennifer Tsau
MarkLogic 8.0-4 introduced geospatial search enhancements, including 13 new conversion/validation functions for common geospatial data serializations, 13 new geospatial utility functions, and support for newer versions of KML and GML. Since visualizing geospatial concepts is always fun, I built an app to showcase some of the new APIs.

How is MarkLogic different from MongoDB?

by Tamas Piros
The question above is something that I need to answer at every conference and Meetup that I attend and it comes up in different variations - how is MarkLogic better, what does MarkLogic do differently so on and so forth. I thought I'd collect all the answers in this one blog post, welcome to the official MarkLogic vs MongoDB showdown.

Managed vs Unmanaged Triples

by Geert Josten
Managed triples are triples that are inserted into a database by MarkLogic automatically. Unmanaged means you take care of persisting them yourself. But what does that mean exactly, and when does it make sense to use unmanaged triples?

Deploying MarkLogic applications with Gradle

by Rob Rudin
But it worked on my machine... Configuration management is essential for every software project. Few tasks are less enjoyable and more frustrating than tracking down configuration issues that cause a feature to work in one environment, but not in another environment. Days and hours are lost, morale suffers, LinkedIn profiles are updated - everyone loses when configuration management isn't performed well. Configuration management for MarkLogic has normally meant writing scripts that use the XQuery Admin APIs. That's the approach I saw when I first started using MarkLogic - we cobbled together Ant files to invoke custom XQuery scripts to configure our applications. This was before the days of Roxy, which for the past several years has greatly simplified configuring MarkLogic by handling most of the scripting for you. But with the introduction of the Management REST API in MarkLogic 6, and the completion of that API in MarkLogic 8, developers and system administrators can now configure a ...

Five great reasons for developers to attend MarkLogic World in May

by Dave Cassel
MarkLogic World 2016 is shaping up to be great for developers and architects working with MarkLogic. Here are five reasons you should be in San Francisco May 9th-12th.