Securing a REST API

by Tamas Piros
Secure your three-tier applications using JSON Web Tokens

Avoiding eval with first-class functions

by Justin Makeig
Evaluating strings of code is error-prone and insecure. First-class functions to the rescue.

Cooking Up a Data Hub with MarkLogic

by Paxton Hare
Loading multiple data sources into one place to serve up to client applications? You might need a data hub.

Handling Whitespace in URIs

by Dave Cassel
MLCP encodes filenames with spaces to avoid having spaces in document URIs. What impact does this have?

Exciting Times in MarkLogic Geospatial

by Jennifer Tsau
MarkLogic 8.0-4 introduced geospatial search enhancements, including 13 new conversion/validation functions for common geospatial data serializations, 13 new geospatial utility functions, and support for newer versions of KML and GML. Since visualizing geospatial concepts is always fun, I built an app to showcase some of the new APIs.