How MarkLogic Supports ACID Transactions

by Mike Wooldridge
A key feature of MarkLogic is ACID compliance. ACID stands for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, and meeting these four requirements means that transactions in MarkLogic are reliable.

SQL's "Group By" the MarkLogic way

by Gabo Manuel
Aggregates like count and sum are heavily used in RDBMS. For people learning MarkLogic, the first match for the same set of functions (fn:count, cts:count, fn:sum, cts:sum) are generally not the right choice. Let's take a look at their lexicon-driven counterparts.

Tips for your First JSON Document

by Susan Lee
Some helpful tips and tools for writing your first JSON document

Let's Get Organized

by Dave Cassel
Discover the three types of collections MarkLogic offers, including a new one and a little-known one.

As You Wish

by Michael Malgeri
Show me how MarkLogic is an Enterprise NoSQL Database *and* a bonafide, W3C-compliant triplestore.

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