Shakespeare Demo Application

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The Shakespeare demo application allows you to search across all of the Shakespeare plays and display the plays scene-by-scene. It includes a master table of contents, a search page allowing simple searches with 'and' boolean logic, and an advanced search page which adds near searches to the search options. In any search, you can enter double-quotes around a phrase to indicate a phrase search (for example, "to be or not to be" will return a single hit from Hamlet).

The application is written in XQuery, with some javascript to help with the table of contents tree control. The XQuery code sends xhtml pages to display on the browser. It is intended as a simple sample of an application you can write in MarkLogic Server, and demonstrates some common design patterns used in MarkLogic applications. It includes all of the code for the application. Feel free to play around and modify the code to suit your needs and to learn how it works.

Some of the features and design patterns of the application include:

  • generating a table of contents from a content set
  • dynamically transforming content from its original XML structure to xhtml (using a recursive typeswitch)
  • full text search, including a search box and a search results page
  • proximity (cts:near-query) search page
  • a simple query parser (parses double-quoted text as phrases)
  • some interesting examples of text highlighting using cts:highlight
  • dynamically counts and displays the line numbers
  • and much more....
  • using properties to store metadata


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