MarkLogic Sample Authoring App for Word

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The MarkLogic Sample Authoring App for Word® allows authors to enrich Word documents, giving them the ability to identify sections of content and relate custom metadata with these document components. Authors can use the application to manage and edit their metadata, as well as search and reuse existing components from Word documents saved in MarkLogic. Any components re-used that have associated metadata, will retain their metadata in new documents.

With the Sample Authoring App you can enable users to

  • Enrich Word documents and identify document sections (or components)
  • Associate custom metadata with those identified components and edit
  • Search those identified components once saved in MarkLogic Server
  • Reuse components from documents saved in MarkLogic Server to the document being authored while retaining any associated metadata across documents
  • Compare documents on the server with the active document using Word’s native merge functionality

The MarkLogic Sample Authoring App for Word® is built using the MarkLogic Toolkit for Word ® and is just one example of a type of content application you can build using the Toolkit and MarkLogic Server.

The MarkLogic Sample Authoring App for Word is distributed as an open source project sponsored by MarkLogic. Under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license, you are free to inspect and change the code to suit your needs. However, we encourage you to contribute enhancements and bug fixes back for the benefit of the entire community. For more information about this toolkit or how to contribute please contact