MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint

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The MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint® allows you to quickly build information applications with MarkLogic Server that extend the functionality of Microsoft PowerPoint and leverage Office Open XML (OOXML), the native document format of PowerPoint 2007.

With the Toolkit for PowerPoint you can enable users to

  • Search across your organization's PowerPoint files for specific slides and presentations
  • Search across your organization's Word and Excel files for content to embed in slides
  • Create new PowerPoint presentations from existing documents
  • Manipulate presentations stored in your repository with a built-in XQuery library
  • Enhance PowerPoint documents with custom metadata

The MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint includes three components: XQuery libraries specifically designed to ingest and manipulate OOXML, an add-in which allows you to embed information applications directly into PowerPoint, and a sample application to get you started right away.

The Toolkit for PowerPoint add-in allows you to deploy web-based applications into PowerPoint. This means you can use familiar web development techniques, such as HTML and JavaScript, to build powerful applications with MarkLogic Server that work in concert with PowerPoint. Sample add-in applications included with the toolkit provide quick-start templates for typical use cases, including search, reuse, and custom metadata management. The XQuery libraries enable building server-based applications to assemble, manipulate, and deliver Office Open XML for Office 2007 and other XML-based workflows.

The MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint is distributed as an open source project sponsored by MarkLogic. Under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license, you are free to inspect and change the code to suit your needs. However, we encourage you to contribute enhancements and bug fixes back for the benefit of the entire community. For more information about this toolkit or how to contribute please contact


  • You may choose to just use the PresentationML Process pipeline and not the Tags pipeline. To do this, the following must be completed: A) Disable/Delete the PresentationML Tags Process pipeline in the Admin UI B) Delete the PresentationML Process pipeline in the Admin UI C) Update the PresentationML Process pipeline initial state to “initial” in presentationml-pipeline.xml and reload it through the AdminUI How can Ido this procudure?