Unofficial MarkLogic API Reference Viewer

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PLEASE NOTE:With the release of MarkLogic 6, the official MarkLogic Online Searchable Documentation is available. It covers much of the functionality of this sample application. (For the curious, the code for the official doc app is part of RunDMC the MarkLogic-based content management system used to run our developer site.)

This sample application was built by Rob Whitby.  It provides a nice search interface for the MarkLogic API Reference using MarkLogic and ExtJS.  (see Searching the MarkLogic API function reference with MarkLogic).  The project is now hosted on GitHub for anyone to download and run locally.  You can try it out here:

It requires MarkLogic Server v4 (community edition is fine, it’s only small). There’s a few steps to the installation, instuctions are in the INSTALL.txt file.

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