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Narthex is a front-end that simplifies understanding and working with content in a MarkLogic Server database.

Narthex provides three complementary interfaces for interacting with documents and metadata:

  • HTML/AJAX for editors/DBAs/content owners to browse, search, and edit content
  • AtomPub to provide syndication services and integration with other tools and languages
  • "Plain-old-CRUD" for quickly adding, updating, and deleting XML, text, and binary documents over HTTP

Screen shot of Narthex


  • Browse all documents or by collection
  • Full-text search over all documents or by collection
  • Update document XML (syntax highlighting in the browser)
  • Update document properties and metadata (permissions, collections, etc.)
  • Create new documents at any database URI
  • Remove documents
  • Visualize document elements to spot patterns and anomalies

Installation instructions are here.


  • Can I use Narthex with MarkLogic 7.x or 8.x server? if yes, please provide details installation guide. if no, what is/are slimier type of tool can be used.
    • From a quick look at the setup instructions, I don't think they will have changed from what's written. If you do find a problem, please file an issue on the repo at Github.
  • James, there is a screenshot of the search results on the Github project page . Is there a feature you're particularly interested in?
  • Anyone have screenshots of this application in action?