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PerformanceMeters is a Java-based, XML-driven tool for testing XQuery with MarkLogic Server. (PerformanceMeters has a confusing name as it is actually useful for more than testing performance). To get started with PerformanceMeters, try the tutorial.

Capabilities include:

  • test arbitrary queries
  • test via XCC or HTTP
  • configure via XML
  • supports setup and tear-down queries
  • performance metrics, including percentile-response times
  • support for arbitrary query generator classes
  • support for arbitrary result formatter classes


  • Following the tutorial, I had to adjust the classpath in order to get it to work on Windows (Not sure about other platforms). I did "java -cp "performance-meters.jar;xcc.jar" -DinputPath=simple.xml com.marklogic.performance.PerformanceMeters" instead of "java -cp performance-meters.jar:xcc.jar -DinputPath=simple.xml com.marklogic.performance.PerformanceMeters"