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RecordLoader is a Java-based tool, designed to load any number of arbitrary-sized input documents into a MarkLogic database. To get started with RecordLoader, try the tutorial. Cababilities include:

Note: Starting with MarkLogic 6, Marklogic Content Pump (mlcp), is a fully-supported tool that covers the same ground as this long-standing open source project. Content Pump is not supported on older versions of MarkLogic Server. Stick with recordloader if you are running earlier versions of MarkLogic.

  • load from input files or standard input
  • input files may be xml files, or zip archives of xml files
  • autosplit into new documents, using element name
  • add read-permissions for one or more roles
  • add collections
  • generate document uris from a prefix, suffix, and element or attribute value
  • up to one thread per input file
  • optionally specify document forest placement
  • optionally transform content using an XQuery module
  • plug in subclasses to customize functionality


  • I am using Recordloader to load data into marklogic on windows machine however when iam running it iam getting error ERROR: No such file or directory – java -cp Can you please help me out ERROR: No such file or directory - java -cp C:/DATA/v/trialdeploy/lib/java/recordloader.jar ;C:/DATA/v/trial/deploy/lib/java/marklogic-xcc-5.0.2.jar;C:/DATA/trial/deploy/lib/java/xpp3-1.1.4c.jar -DCONNECTION_STRING="xcc://admin:admin@localhost:9033/trial" -DENCRYPTED_PASSWORD="false" -DINPUT_ENCODING="Cp1252" -DID_NAME="#FILENAME" -DDOCUMENT_FORMAT="xml" -DINPUT_PATH="C:\DATA\config" -DINPUT_PATTERN="business-parameter.xml" -DINPUT_STRIP_PREFIX="^[A-Z]:" -DINPUT_NORMALIZE _PATHS="true" -DURI_PREFIX="/trial/" -DOUTPUT_COLLECTIONS="" -DUSE_TIMESTAMP_COLLECTION="false" -DLOG_HANDLER="CONSOLE" -DLOG_LEVEL="INFO" -DSKIP_EXISTING="false" -DROLES_READ="trial-business-r" -DROLES_INSERT="trial-business-i" -DROLES_UPDATE="trial-business-u" -DTHREADS="1"
    • I think you'll find that <a href="">Stack Overflow</a> works better for questions like this, as the formatting allows easier follow-up and easier-to-read questions. In this case, shouldn't the slashes in the classpath be backslashes, since you're on Windows?