xqDoc Web Services

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This project offers the ability to integrate the xqDoc web service on to your XQuery development workbench. We view this project as beneficial since it will help keep your XQuery code and xqDoc documentation synchronized. For example, imagine changing one of your XQuery modules and then have the xqDoc xml for that module automatically generated behind the scenes. This was the fundamental motivation for this project.

This project leverages the MarkLogic Trigger feature and introduces a general purpose core library module for accessing web services via SOAP. Since the current MarkLogic Trigger feature is "lightly" documented, this project (by offering numerous trigger examples) could help those developers attempting to leverage this new and powerful capability. Similarly, since the SOAP library module is very generic, it could be utilized as a starting point for accessing other web services (beyond xqDoc).

This project was contributed by the good folks at xqDoc.org.