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  • xqsync.jar
    You will need:
    MarkLogic Server 4.0 or later

XQSync is a command-line, Java-based tool, useful for synchronizing MarkLogic databases to and from other databases, filesystems, and zip-files. To get started using XQSync, try the tutorial.

Note: Starting with MarkLogic 6, Marklogic Content Pump (mlcp), is a fully-supported tool that covers the same ground as this long-standing open source project. Content Pump is not supported on older versions of MarkLogic Server. Stick with xqsync if you are running earlier versions of MarkLogic.


  • Is there a benefit to using XQSync over MarkLogic Content Pump?
    • MarkLogic Content Pump requires MarkLogic 6 or newer, so those running with an older version should stick with XQSync until they upgrade. MLCP also has the advantage of being supported by the company. One benefit to XQSync is the ability to provide a full connection string; this allows you to target a database that does not have an XDBC server pointing to it.