Management API

In MarkLogic 6 and MarkLogic 7 we embarked down a path of allowing programmatic control of configuration and administration APIs through a powerful set of REST interfaces. In MarkLogic 8 we are taking another major step down that path with the addition of a large number of new RESTful APIs that cover almost all of MarkLogic’s configuration and administration capabilities.

In MarkLogic 8, you can use the expanded REST interfaces for almost all MarkLogic configuration including:

  • Topologies: databases, forests, groups, application servers, clusters coupling and decoupling
  • Security: users, roles, amps, privileges, and external security
  • HA/DR: Local failover, database and flexible replication
  • Storage and Backup: Backup and restore, Tiered storage, CPF configuration
  • Configuration: SQL views, re/index, merge, bitemporal, inference operations
  • Deployment: Host bootstrap manipulation, restart and shutdown operations, packaging

The new REST interfaces in MarkLogic 8 include endpoints to manage bitemporal, inference, and security collections, to name a few. Almost all MarkLogic configuration is RESTfully scriptable in in version 8.

For more information go to the documentation: MarkLogic Management API reference documentation or look into the examples in Scripting Cluster Management, Overview of the Tiered Storage REST API, and Using the Management API