Next Steps

A Little Graph Traversal

Here are a few final challenges for you. Using the data you have, try to answer:

  1. What is Aldous Huxley's sphere of influence?
  2. Now show not only the people he influenced directly, but the people *they* influenced.
  3. You can think of the first query as, "show me people that Aldous Huxley influenced, exactly 1 link away" and the second one as "show me people that Aldous Huxley influenced, any number of links away (but stop at 100)". Now show people that Aldous Huxley influenced exactly 2 links away. (Hint: You'll need to use SPARQL property paths).
You can find answers in the ts-graph-traversal.xml. workspace


Congratulations, you made it! If you're looking for next steps, you might want to check out this article:

Using the Triple Index


  • The example for the paths doesn't seem to produce anything for Aldous. I think the only one that has a two level is Baruch_Spinoza i.e., PREFIX db: <> PREFIX onto: <> SELECT ?influenced WHERE { db:Baruch_Spinoza onto:influenced/onto:influenced ?influenced }
    • Thanks, David. You are right that the example doesn't actually produce anything for Aldous. We'll update this page.