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MarkLogic Licensing

MarkLogic provides Free Developer licenses as well as our traditional Enterprise licenses.

Developer License

The Developer License is for developers who need the full power of MarkLogic. It comes with all MarkLogic features. It can be clustered across multiple computers and has a 1TB size limitation. It is for non-production use only, it has a six month time limit, and new licenses may be requested on expiration.

Essential Enterprise and Global Enterprise Licenses

See the pricing page for details on and comparisons of all MarkLogic licenses.

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  • Hello, I am just starting with exploring MarkLogic for our XML data project. The application that I need to build if for internal use only. It runs on a LAN server, inside the company, and is used internally by the employees of this company. It is not for sale, profit, or commercial use. Can Developer License be used to build and subsequently use such an application, please?
  • So, the express license is no more? Before you could go to prod on express, So people doing that now have no path to ML 7?
    • We received quite a bit of feedback that the Express license didn't allow folks to build real applications that folks would bring into production. Without clustering or failover, only 2 developers allowed and no clear growth path, it was difficult for folks to use. It has been replaced by the Amazon Marketplace offering - Testing of applications, even over a period of time, with public users, in order to verify functionality is still allowed with the Developer license. In addition to the $0.99/hr offering, there is term pricing at $18,000/yr which will allow for a clustered configuration with DR. (3 X 2-core instances in primary, 1 X 2-core instance in DR).
  • I echo James Foye's comment; I won't go any further evaluating your product, because I have absolutely no idea what it's going to cost me, and I'm not interested in engaging in any kind of process to get that information. Just something typical / indicative / a range / *something* would help.
  • If MarkLogic really wants to get back into the game, its gotta stop the enterprise level sales pitch. Show us the base price of an enterprise license. I simply skip over any product that expects me to call a sales team and then go through the 'process" for just basic pricing. Most of my colleagues do as well.. It reminds us too much of Oracle, and not in a good way. Too many other products out there that are quite good are very transparent with their prices. MarkLogic needs to be as well.
    • I know this is an old comment, but things have changed. See
  • What does "individual developers" mean here? If I'm the only developer on a project within a larger commercial entity, can I use MarkLogic Express (and only need a different license if/when additional developers are added to that project?)
    • If you are the only developer on the project, then you're good to go, even if you work in a larger organization.   To be clear, Express is not for development teams.  If you are working on a project with other developers and you are the only one who'll be doing work with MarkLogic, you could, maybe, get by with your single copy of Express.  When it comes down to it, this would likely be impractical though as your team members development environments would not have access to MarkLogic.
      • One more question -- I'm already using a competing XML database, and one piece of functionality I provide to my internal customers is the ability to execute arbitrary read-only XQuery code through a command-line tool I provide (and, potentially in the future, a custom web interface). As before, I'm the only person doing development on the frontend tools, which intermediate all access to the backend database. Does this constitute providing others with "access to MarkLogic" for licensing purposes?
        • It is ok for others to use the tool you provide.  If you put a web interface on top of your copy of MarkLogic Express, it would be fine for them to use this as well.  Likewise, it's fine if the copies of the command line tool point to your copy of Express.   If your users need to have their own copy of MarkLogic to run the tool, then they will need to go request their own copy of the Express license.   You can not distribute MarkLogic or MarkLogic licenses.  I'm happy to take this offline at if you have more detailed questions, too.
  • I would love to evaluate MarkLogic 5, but alas, I work for the U.S. Federal Government.  Apparently using the express license for the U.S Gov. is explicitly verboten.  Why is this?  Why are you leaving us out in the cold?
  • As a developer, can I use the Express version to explore Marklogic and when I sell it to a customer, can they use the Enterprise version to run the Application in their environment? Is that an issue as stated in this Q&A? Can I use this license to do development work on an application that will run in production using a different MarkLogic license?A. No. 
    • The Q&A is correct. You can not develop an application on Express that is intended to run on any other MarkLogic license. You are free to use Express to explore MarkLogic and build applications. But those applications must run on Express.
  • - Allowed to use Express in production - Allowed to build an application on MarkLogic Express and sell that application Q: Does it mean I (single developer) can build a personal website, free community site, put ads in it, or other as long as it is not a commercial site, and sell the entire site to another company? Can you provide a specific limit on the type/purpose of production server?
    • You can run a commercial site (ads are fine) or build a commercial application.   The Express license, however, is not transferable and you may not redistribute MarkLogic server.  This means, if you run a commercial service, you are fine.  If you sell the entire site to someone else, they would need to acquire their own license for MarkLogic (could be they could use Express, but they would need their own copy).  If you build an application that uses MarkLogic, you can sell that application, but you can not transfer your Express license or redistribute MarkLogic Server itself.  Your customer would need to acquire MarkLogic and a license on their own.  In other words, the Express license is not an "OEM" license. If you are interested in such a license, please contact for more details.
      • will MarkLogic Professional Services be able to work with us on a paid engagement to help develop a commercial service that we can move into production on a server running our copy of Express?  would we have the option to promote that environment to a system or cluster running MarkLogic Enterprise licenses, or would the solution have to be re-architected for MarkLogic 5 Enterprise edition?
        • In general, our Professional Services team works with Enterprise edition, but I'd recommend you reach out directly to your sales contact for more details about your specific needs and questions.  If you don't have a contact, please feel free to send email to
  • Does Express run on quad-core processors? I don't have dual-core machines anymore.
    • I run win7 64-bit with a single Intel i7 quad-core with hyperthreading using the Express license, so I guess the answer is yes.
    • Yes it does.  The limit is 2 CPUs (not 2 cores).
  • "You can't use multiple copies of Express to make your own cluster." May we be allowed to create a cluster as long as we don't use it in production or share the cluster amongst a development team, or even perform development for that matter? So that those of us with standard edition licenses can learn to use enterprise features? However, it might not be very effective if the Express license disables some enterprise features, eh?
    • Since this question, we've released the Developer license that enable you to make a cluster.
    • If you'd like to try out the Enterprise features, contact for an evaluation license.
  • Are there still *other* license types as well? There used to be enterprise, educational, and community if I am not mistaken. And how do they compare to each other and to this new license type? There used to be a compare matrix. Is that still available?
    • The Express license covers all functionality available in the previous Community, Trial, and Academic licenses so we've dispensed with them as well as the matrix.
  • no mention of how much, that means cheap then ? I'll have 2 plus a spare pair for the weekends.