Organize a MarkLogic User Group

MarkLogic Provides the Following Support for User Groups

  • Modest financial support to cover refreshments and AV
  • Content and a technical speakers when appropriate
  • MarkLogic has sample agendas and guidance on best practices for User Group organizers
  • MarkLogic will provide special materials to help attract attendees and manage the event

User Group Organizers

  • We ask that as the organizer, you also act as the host of the event, introduce each presenter and facilitate conversations.
  • Provide an agenda as a basis for the meeting
  • Make sure there is time for discussion and informal conversation
  • Attendees and presenters should be encouraged to register their participation. MarkLogic will provide sponsorship per attendee.
  • We encourage you to help promote the event to the MarkLogic and other relevant communities and to recruit presenters.
  • Make sure there is a screen and projector for the demos.

User Group Venue Hosts

  • MarkLogic has a broad customer base in several verticals, such as media and government. We know that in our events, competitors are meeting one another and often sharing best practices. If a company is willing to be a venue host, we expect there be no issue with competitive attendance and that all participants will honor confidentiality.

MarkLogic Recommendations

  • Having an "anchor" theme or topic, with a presentation or demo that will help focus and facilitate conversation.
  • Successful meetings of this type are usually held in 2 hours; presentations are generally 20 minutes with Q&A to keep a high level of interactivity and informal networking time
  • MarkLogic can provide sample agendas and guidance on best practices for organizers