MarkLogic User Group Nordics

Diese Gruppe ist für alle, die an Enterprise Data Stores für den Einsatz im Digital Business interessiert sind – für Neugierige und Experten. Enterprise Data Stores kommen immer dann zum Einsatz, wenn relationale Datenbanken an ihre Grenzen stossen. Bei unseren Treffen geben wir Tipps und Tricks, stellen Anwendungsbeispiele von Kunden vor und stellen neue Entwicklungen vor. Wir freuen uns auf jeden Teilnehmer und den Austausch mit unseren Gruppenmitgliedern.

The MarkLogic User Group (MLUG) is for users and/or fans of MarkLogic and those who are interested in learning more about MarkLogic, XML, XQuery and related technologies. MUGL meetups are free and open to anyone that wishes to attend. There is no formal membership for the group. Our meetings are held quarterly in different regions in Germany.

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MarkLogic® is a new generation database platform that enables organisations to get more value from more data than ever before. Global enterprises and governments rely on MarkLogic to power intelligent, high performance applications aimed at analysing data for better insights and also running crucial day-to-day business operations. With MarkLogic, organisations achieve faster time-to-value than was possible with legacy databases, while minimising risk and improving data quality. MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database—a powerful, agile, trusted database that has the speed and scale of NoSQL coupled with the enterprise features required.

  • Develop stronger applications faster with a flexible data model using Full-Stack JavaScript, JSON and Node.JS
  • Find relevant information easier with lightning fast, built-in search
  • Gain more intelligence in the data layer using semantics and bitemporal
  • Maintain data resiliency and consistency with ACID transactions, scalability and elasticity, certified security, and high availability and disaster recovery