Dr. Jim Hendler on MarkLogic and Semantics

by Eric Bloch

Jim Hendler, Ph.D. is one of the inventors of the semantic web. In this video, he explains semantics from a high-level perspective and spells out why MarkLogic is a game-changing technology ideally suited to handle semantic applications.

Relatedly, MarkLogic has been working on techniques for storing and searching semantic information inside MarkLogic Server. By representing tuples simply as documents, we've been able both to store large tuple sets and to query against them efficiently. This work includes running both the Billion Triple Challenge and the Lehigh University Benchmark.

MarkLogic's Director of Product Management, Stephen Buxton, and Research Scientist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Li Ding, are presenting Tuesday June 7th at the Semtech conference in San Francisco.  They will discuss these efforts in XML representations with semantic querying, as well as automated SPARQL to XQuery translation done under Dr. Jim Hendler's supervision.

The open-source XQuery library that provides facilities constructing efficient semantic queries underlying this work is available at http://github.com/marklogic/semantic. We expect to make the SPARQL to XQuery translation work available as open-source soon as well.