[XQZone General] Community Edition license key

Shannon Shiflett sss4r at virginia.edu
Sun Nov 7 11:45:22 PST 2004

Raffaele: thanks.  After the key is generated, I simply click "OK" which 
fills it in automatically on the next page but immediately results in 
the "Not valid" message.

FYI, I posted my question here instead of sending it to Support because 
according to the documentation the CE is not supported except informally 
at XQZone.  Plus it's not urgent.  Just one of those "it would be nice" 
things. :)  (I thought I overheard Ron say at "The First" that the 
hostname was no longer going to be part of the key generation, but it 
appears to be still.)

Raffaele Sena wrote:
> I seem to remember that I was a little confused too when I installed  CIS.
> I think the "trick" is to simply install CIS, access the admin page and  
> click the "get key" button (or something like that) for the Community  
> License.
> If you go to an external form, get the key and the try to paste it in  
> the admin interface that's when you get in trouble :)
> Again, I installed CIS quite some time ago and I don't remember the  
> exact details. If you still have troubles tomorrow and don't get an  
> answer I can try to install CIS on another system and let you know).
> -- Raffaele   (http://xq.aromatic.org)
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> On Sunday, November 7, 2004, at 08:10 AM, Shannon Shiflett wrote:
>> I am attempting to install the community edition of CIS 2.2-2 for
>> Windows on my home desktop for learning purposes, but I can't seem to
>> make it past the License Key Entry process: When I fill out the form,  my
>> license key is generated, but I get, "Not valid for..." when I try to  
>> use it.  I tried changing my hostname, rebooting, and going through  
>> the process again.  I've tried uninstalling, rebooting, and  
>> reinstalling CIS.  At this point, I could use some advise.  Thanks!
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