[XQZone General] xq:zone News: XML 2004, 2.2-3 Released, XQrunner and JSP updates, Perl-XDBC

Raffaele Sena raff at aromatic.org
Wed Nov 17 14:28:34 PST 2004

Hey, they were faster than me with the Perl driver! I started one, but
didn't manage to finish it. Oh well! I'll use this one instead :)

-- Raffaele

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    Several news items queued up:

Content Interaction Server 2.2-3 Maintenance Release

    The 2.2-3 Maintenance Release of Content Interaction Server
is now available in the download section of xq:zone. This is a
stability update only. The XDBC package has also been updated.


    If you're a Mark Logic commercial customer, login to the support
site at http://support.marklogic.com/ for details on upgrading.

Mark Logic at XML 2004

The XML 2004 Conference kicked off Monday in Washington, DC.
Stop by and see Mark Logic at the show.  We're exhibiting (Booth 308)
and Max Schireson, Vice President of Products, is speaking on Thursday
at 9:45am about "Mark Logic's Open Content Architecture: Best Practices
for Content.  We hope to see you there.


XQRunner and JSP Tag Library Projects Updated

Significant updates have been made to the XQRunner (run XQuery
from Java) and JSP Xquery Tag Library (run XQuery from JSPs)
projects in the Code Workshop.

XQRunner now fully supports passing external variables, properly
maps all the atomic types (including the various binary types)
and supports document insertion.  The library also supports full
streaming of nodes and binary types.

The JSP tag library now directly uses the XQRunner library for
communication.  Variables can be passed with the new xq:variable tag.


Perl-XDBC Workshop Project Opened

A new project has been started in the Code Workshop.  It's a Perl
module that implements XDBC connectivity.  This project was
contributed by one of our new customers, O'Reilly Media (thanks Tony).


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