[MarkLogic Dev General] can I also set a directory-property?

Schouten, Edgar J. (RB-NL) Edgar.Schouten at reedbusiness.nl
Wed Jun 6 03:06:06 PDT 2007

Hi All,

I have a directory-stucture with a tree consisting of Magazine Titles,
containing Volumes, containing Issues, containing Articles (an article
is an xml-file)
All the Issues have a publicationDate that is identical for all Articles
in that Issue.

I have seen that directories can have properties as well.

xdmp:directory-properties( $uri as xs:string, [$depth as xs:string] ) as

My question: can I also set a directory-property?

I would like to add a <publicationDate>YYYY-MM-DD</publicationDate> to
the Issue-folder


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