[MarkLogic Dev General] cts:highlight performance

Peter Hickman peter.hickman at semantico.com
Wed Jun 13 06:13:13 PDT 2007

We are using cts:highlight to, er, do it's thing with a document. We 
then take the highlighted document and locate the first result to build 
a context for displaying in the search results. The problem is that with 
some large documents the highlight can take quite some time (40 seconds 
for a large document against 0.01 second for a typical document). Given 
that we are not making any use of any of the highlights but the first it 
would be useful to have a parameter to cts:highlight that limits how 
many it does.

Given that this parameter does not exist does anyone have a suggestion 
as to how we might achieve the same result? We are looking at splitting 
larger documents up but they might not get significantly smaller.

Peter Hickman.

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