[MarkLogic Dev General] Is there a score threshold?

Danny Sokolsky dsokolsky at marklogic.com
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Hi Peter,

There are two things to consider here:  

  * whether documents match the search, 
  * and what is the score of the search result

You can have a result item with a score of 0 and it will still return
from cts:search. The score determines the order in which results return
from the search (so low or 0 scores would sort toward the end of the
result set).  If a document does not return, it means it does not match
the cts:query expression used in the cts:search (or the result does not
occur under the XPath in the first argument of cts:search).

I can think of a query that would explain the results you are seeing,
but that is just speculating.  For example, if the query is something

       cts:element-word-query(xs:QName("title"), "bronze") 

That would not match a document with the word "bronze" somewhere other
than the title.

What, exactly, is the cts:search you are doing (including the


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I am searching my documents using the default scoring system with 3.1-5 
and searching the whole document from the root element.

When I search for the article by it's title "Indian subcontinent" I can 
find it, plus other articles that have that phrase. But the title is 
weighted with a 16.

But when I search for the word "bronze", which is in the article but not

in the title the article is not returned. Even if I search for "indian 
subcontinent bronze" I can't find it.

The only thing that occurs to me is the article in question is very 
large (nearly 5m and quite conplex compared to the 10k and simple of 
99.99% of the rest of the articles). Could the size of the document 
result in the score being so small as to be effectively zero and 
therefore the document is not returned?

Peter Hickman.

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