[MarkLogic Dev General] Language Support

Shannon Shiflett at virginia.edu
Wed Oct 8 14:26:18 PDT 2008


Reading Language Support in Developer's Guide, it's not entirely clear  
how to perform a multi-language-aware full-text query--do I simply use  
multiple cts:query constructors with appropriate lang options in a  

Given a database default language of English, a div element fragment  
root, and the following content loaded:

		<p>unanimous suffrages</p>
		<p xml:lang="fr">et qui atteste Les Suffrages unanimes</p>

Taking advantage of the French language module, I want my cts:search  
to recall both divs when the cts:word-query is on "suffrage" --  
tokenized and stemmed for both languages.  Passing the list  
("lang=en", "lang=fr") as the options expression doesn't do the trick,  
although that would be easier to code....

Shannon Scott Shiflett, programmer/analyst with ROTUNDA,
The University of Virginia Press, Charlottesville, VA  USA

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