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One other way to get a unique id for each node is using the XPath function generate-id(), but I wouldn't trust its persistence when the XML is updated, unless someone at MarkLogic could confirm that. I wouldn't bet on it.

I reccon you are best off adding your own ID's. You might be able to write an ML-XQuery that does that for you, with all your content in a single pass.. ;-)

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> Hello,
> We are building a client application (XCC) that provides the
> ability to edit any element/node of document stored in Mark
> Logic server. The application displays the document (in HTML)
> and the end-user should be able to select any node and update
> it. For this purpose the client application needs a way of
> uniquely identifying a node (of a Mark Logic document) - this
> identifier can then used to update the node via a 'xdmp:node-replace".
> We could think of the following options:
> 1. Use the Node Xpath (i.e. doc(".....xml")/xx/yy[i]/zz) as
> the identifier for the node. This is obviously not a good
> idea as multiple users would editing the same document and
> the Node Xpath would change.
> 2. Add our own "ID" attribute (UUID generated) to every node
> in the document. This ID can then be used in an XPATH
> expression to safely locate the correct node for updating.
> This option should work, however requires us to re-process
> all our existing documents (for adding the ID attribute).
> Is there a another way to do this? Does Mark Logic provide a
> unique ID for a node?
> Regards,
> Deshbir

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