[MarkLogic Dev General] referenced docs

Paul M pjmaip at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 13:32:03 PDT 2012

two refDocs (fragments). 
these two refDocs reference four other masterDocs (fragments)

find masterDocs not referenced.
two refDocs have references (5,1) and (12,3).
five master docs (1,3,5,8,12)
8 is not referenced.

add element-attribute-range index to both refDocs <ref refid="5"> 
and another ear-index to masterDocs <master mid="5">
get all the element-attribute-values for mid and refid
then xpath intersection OF mid WITH refid
fn:not( . = ) worked great 8 is not in (1,3,5,12) and small sampling

Any alternative, more efficient methods? Docs may not be modified.
scale would be 1-mil master docs (very small) and 100-thousand refdocs(small)
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