[MarkLogic Dev General] search function and results per document trunktation error

Erik Zander Erik.Zander at studentlitteratur.se
Fri Aug 3 07:29:46 PDT 2012

Hi Geert

Here's the function call now whiotu snipets but as the problem appears whis as small amont of code as this thsi is what we currently work on
 let $result := cts:search(fn:collection("Allmanmedicin")//(title|para),$query, ("score-simple"))
  for $m in $result
      fn:concat(cts:score($m),' - ',fn:base-uri($m))

The problem that we have is that for one specific search all results in on document have the same score.

What we need is for the score to be separate from the document so that the result isn't returned per book but instead returned depending of match.

I was hoping that the score-simple option would do the trick and not care from which document the match came from but it do not appear so.



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Hi All

I have a problem with the search functions both cts:search and search:search.

The problem is that when doing a search over a collection documents with many matches are prioritized and first after that the custom weights are added.

As a result the search have truncated the result even before we are able to impact the score of the matches.

What we would need would be to have the matches returned independent of in what document the specific element lays. This so that we could prioritize for example all relevant docbook:titles first then go into docbook:blockquotes and lastly single docbook:paras in more than one document whit the docbook structure (see below for super short example)

<chapter xml:id="isbn_9789144019895_ch_2" label="2"> <title>Den kliniska unders?kningen</title> <section> <title>Sjukhistorien</title> <para>En noggrant f?rd journal ?r givetvis av samma vikt vid hj?rtsjukdomarna som i alla andra medicinska sammanhang. Vilket eller vilka symtom begr?nsar prestationsf?rm?gan? De viktigaste och vanligaste symtomen hos hj?rtsjuka ?r <emphasis role="italic">tr?tthet</emphasis>, som uttryck f?r l?g hj?rtminutvolym, <emphasis role="italic">andf?ddhet</emphasis> framf?r allt orsakad av lungstas, <emphasis role="italic">br?stsm?rta</emphasis> vid k?rlkramp, samt <emphasis role="italic">arytmiupplevelse</emphasis>. Hj?rtpatienter har ofta en anm?rkningsv?rd f?rm?ga att):</para> <para>Indelningen enligt NYHA till?mpas framf?r allt i samband med hj?rtsvikt. Vid ischemisk hj?rtsjukdom klassificeras symtomen vanligen enligt Canadian Cardiological Society (CCS), vars indelning i de fyra klasserna i princip inte skiljer sig fr?n den<example label="Faktaruta 2.1" xml:id="isbn_9789144019895_infobox_1" role="box"> <title/> <blockquote><itemizedlist mark="none"> <listitem><para><emphasis role="bold">Klass I</emphasis>

I'm lost to wherein I should be searching for an solution to this problem, how should we do to search in the documents returning results scored independent of which document it is in?
Is this a coding or a configuration error or is this the expected and only behavior?

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