[MarkLogic Dev General] Not enough disk space when merging

Gary Larsen gary.larsen at envisn.com
Tue Aug 7 08:05:41 PDT 2012

Thanks for the advice on this problem.


The merge error says it needs 17Gb of disk space.   Would setting the 'max
merge size' be any help in this case?  The admin guide sounds like this is
not really recommended, but if I set this to 8Gb that wouldn't that limit
the disk space required?  I guess the down side of this would be that
existing large stands would never get merged. 


Gary Larsen

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Hi Gary,


If you have multiple forests connected to your database, you could merge
them one by one. Merge the smallest first.


Alternatively, disconnect other forests/databases, and move them away
temporarily. Probably not an option on production I'm afraid.


Another option might be to temporarily move part of your data to an external
location. That comes with a performance penalty though..


Kind regards,



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Until an addition drive can be added to the server, is there some way to
configure the merge to use less disk space?






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