[MarkLogic Dev General] QConsole weird result display

Colleen Whitney Colleen.Whitney at marklogic.com
Tue Aug 7 09:44:52 PDT 2012


I ran into the same issue myself yesterday, and hadn't had a chance to talk to the appropriate folks.   My suspicion is that there's a limitation around the highlighting in the result pane.

I'll file a bug; which specific version are you running?


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  I looked in the QConsole documentation, but did not find
anything.  Is there any restriction on the size of the result of
a query that QConsole can display?

  I am asking because I found a very strange behaviour which is
quite difficult to reproduce.  I have a query looking like:

    <my-results> {
      some CTS search returning 350 or so documents

  But the result shows only an XML declaration with nothing else.
Not even an empty "my-result" element.  But if I filter the
cts:search call to select the first 100 documents (with an
positional predicate [1 to 100]), it returns the expected result.
If I say 1 to 200 also.  If I say 1 to 250, then it shows only
the XML declaration and nothing else...

  I see no error, and I am not sure how I could investigate any
further.  Any idea?


Florent Georges
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